What´s a social enterprising youngster?

In today´s lesson we have reviewed the comments on the article of last 24th of September and we have spoken about what a social enterprising youngster is, and the  qualities he must have. We have summarized this:

“Those young people who set in motion initiatives to cover existing social needs, in short, youngsters who develop projects which try to end with marginalization or social inequality or who intend to improve living conditions, working conditions or relationship among people.”

We have also mentioned that a social enterprising has gained popularity in recent years and consequently a lot of NGOs have been created. The boom of new information technologies has contributed to this, which has provided society with a closer view of the world in real time. This view allows us to be aware of the problems in the world and facilitates our commitment and awareness of the main social issues.

Enterprising people and accordingly enterprising youngsters are related to a series of qualities:

A la persona emprendedora y por extensión al joven emprendedor, se le suelen asociar una serie de cualidades:·

  • Initiative, to set in motion new projects.
  • Creativity, to do something new or to give a different use to something already existing.
  • Commitment, to take responsibility for the Project we develop.
  • Leadership, to involve our collaborators in the project successfully.
  • Vision for the future, to be able to see the possibility of a fairer world.
  • Self confidence, to  take action and achieve success.
  • Capability of taking risks,  as a result of the decisions made.
  • Tenacity, in order not to decay in the search for solutions.
  • Positive thinking, to be able to generate it in your environment.

If you want to know more, have a look at this video:

The activity proposed is this: You must write a comment with two different sections. The first one about the concept of the social enterprising youngster and his qualities. In the second one you must analyze a experience of the social enterprising youngsters, which you can look up in the following web pages:





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